Fergus Medieval Faire
July 23 2022

Let's get medieval!

July 23, 11:00 to 5:00 in downtown Fergus, Ontario

Join us for a free, family-oriented day of medieval fun & merriment. Featuring knights and ladies, vikings, battles, magicians and wizards, monks, birds of prey, musicians, archery practice, fight the knight (for kids) and more!

A friendly debate

Visit the Viking settlement, watch the knights duke it out, and try your hand at archery! Plus fight-the-knight for kids, and an axe throwing demonstration! Featuring the Rangers of Govannas and the Sigtryggring Vikings of Ontario.

Magic and wizardry

Be prepared to be amused and bemused by spellbounding displays of magic by our favourite magician, Zoltan the Adequate!
Potter fans - visit Wizards Way for wand-dueling classes with DJ Carroll and his troupe of Witches & Wizards!

Activities and demonstrations

Join the Canadian Raptor Conservancy for their exciting show featuring live Birds of Prey!
Plus many other activities, including the chanting monks, craft displays, musicians, royalty and more!

Vendor Information

The Vendor fee is $100.00. Fergus Medieval Faire will provide a list of approved vendors to the Township of Centre Wellington prior to our event. You do not need to apply for a permit with them. This permit is included in your Fergus Medieval Faire Vendor Fee.Vendors should arrive at least an hour early to set up (event begins at 11am). Vendors must stay open until the event is over. (5pm)Each vendor is responsible for their own tent set up. Vendors supply their own tent and tables. Tents can be no larger than 10′ x10′ and must be weighted down (no stakes or pegs)All vendors will be located in the designated Marketplace area unless otherwise arranged with the Fergus Medieval Faire organizers.Vendors cannot partner with other vendors or bring in products/vendors that have not been approved by the Fergus Medieval Faire. All product must be approved by the Fergus Medieval Faire. We reserve the right to decline unapproved vendors / products on site.Third Party marketing, advertising and promotions is prohibited. Please do not display posters or hand out promotional materials without approval of Fergus Medieval Faire organizers.Vendors must be able to provide proof of insurance to Fergus Medieval Faire organizers.
Note: Vendor applications are now completed for 2022. Applications for the 2023 Fergus Medieval Faire will open in January 2023.

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